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Supporters Reopen Commercial Ports after Leader’s Call

(Last Updated On: July 23, 2018)

Aqina and Hairatan ports in northern provinces of Faryab and Balkh resumed operation on Monday, a day after Vice President General Abdul Rashid Dostum called on his supporters to end the weeks-long protest and reopen the routes.

General Dostum arrived on Sunday afternoon in Kabul after 14 months in reputed exile in Turkey.  He addressed his supporters for the first time after arriving home, where he asked the loyalists to end the protest and allow the government offices to operate in the northern provinces.

Welcoming the resumption of transport and trade process through Aqina and Hairatan ports, the head of chamber of commerce and Industries in Balkh Sher Ahmad Sepahzada said that the closure of the ports has left a negative impact on the economy.

 He said that some of the halted trucks were loaded with goods that had required to be shifted in the earliest possible time and that the closure of the roads leading to the ports have caused the traders to lose millions of dollars. 

Traders in Balkh, meanwhile, said that the tensions within the government should not effect them and the people and that the government should prevent the movements which could damage the imports and exports process of commercial goods in the country.

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