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Supporters of Ghani’s State-Builder Team Call for Validation of Non-Biometric Votes

(Last Updated On: October 17, 2019)

A number of political parties who supported Ashraf Ghani’s State-Builder team in the Afghan presidential election called on the electoral commissions to validate non-biometric votes.

Members of these parties held a press conference on Wednesday in Kabul where they claimed that invalidation of non-biometric votes is a conspiracy.

“If they emphasize on biometrically verified votes there might be a big political conspiracy behind such decision. Loy Paktia will not accept this,” said Mueen Gul Samkanai, the head of “Trust and Justice” political party.

The Afghan electoral management authorities have decided to validate only biometrically verified votes.

Majority of presidential candidates and the international community have endorsed the decision made by the electoral commissions.

“The result of the election must be accepted. We must not wait to see the result and react if it is not in our favor,” said Sayed Ali Kazemi, a member of the state-builder electoral ticket.

Meanwhile, Afzal Ahmadzai, member of a political party criticized foreign diplomats for what he called interference in election affairs.

However, IEC officials emphasizes that the decision to invalidate non-biometric votes was made based on the electoral rules and regulations.

“Based on the rules and regulations, we only count biometrically verified vote cast by an individual at the polling station on Election Day,” said Aurangzib, a senior member of the IEC.

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