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Stranded Avalanches Killed 200 Residents in Panjshir :CEO Abdullah

(Last Updated On: March 1, 2015)


Afghanistan CEO Dr, Abdullah Abdullah has said,” that the recent Natural disaster in Afghanistan has taken the life of 200 residents in Panjshir Province the following Natural disaster affected 29 provinces within the country destroyed most the areas.”

He has claimed that we have the situation under the control but still some of the villages are closed for the rescue teams to reach to the areas and provide necessary services for the affected residents.

In Other provinces of the country where Natural disasters affected it took hundreds of life such as:

Badakhshan 34

Parwan 16

Baghlan 6

Laghman 6

Baghis 4

Herat 1

Afghanistan CEO Abdullah Abdullah during a session with the emergency committee members have spoken about the National and International supports and assistances.

He said,” sub emergency committees within the provinces have taken necessary measurements, we have the situation being controlled, we will review all the shortages and lacks that we need to fill it in, due to heavy snow main road is blocked off efforts are underway to clean the road, related roads from the different villages to the main road is ban by the snow.”

CEO Abdullah Abdullah has tasked the emergency committees to review all the indications of the disasters and provide precise information for the officials.

This comes after residents in other parts of the country have begun reciting of Holy Quran and performed prayers for the spirits of victims of the incident.

Reported By Noorullah Shayan



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