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State, Private Universities Lack Curriculum Quality: MoHE

(Last Updated On: March 6, 2018)

The Ministry of Higher Education (MoHE) has said that the quality of the current curriculum in state and private universities is unequal to the country’s needs and demands.

The current curriculum of the universities has always been criticized for being substandard and outdated.

The Afghan President has previously criticized the situation and system of education in Afghan universities and has reiterated on reviewing and changing the current curriculum.

He says that the higher education institutions have failed to produce professional and expert work force for the government organizations.

During the fourth education exhibition in Kabul, financial deputy of MoHE, Ahmad Seyar Mahjoor has stressed that the state and private universities should prepare the training programs based on the society’s need to provide working fields for the undergraduate students.

According to the statistics by the Ministry of Education, currently, over 1 million people who have the active role in the market do not have the academic knowledge.

Meanwhile, a number of the private universities officials emphasize on the betterment of education capacity in schools.

“We have infrastructure problems. Most of the students who participate the entrance exam do not have enough education,” said Dr. Hamid, a university teacher.

According to statistics, currently, around 200 thousand students are studying in 130 state and private universities in the country.

This comes as, despite the expenditure of billions of dollars over the past one and a half decade, the qualitative capacity of higher education is still a major challenge in areas of higher education in Afghanistan.

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