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State Minister for Security Reforms, Amrullah Saleh Resigned

(Last Updated On: June 13, 2017)

The state minister for security reforms and head of the high office of the oversight for appointing of top security and defense officials, Amrullah Saleh resigned from his position.

Mr. Saleh in a telephone contact with Ariananews did not clear the reason of his resignation but said, “brining reforms to the security institutions is one of his wishes.”

In his officials facebook account, Saleh stated that he has submitted his resignation to the President and Chief Executive.

“I know there are lots of questions in your minds. By considering the security secrets and important national interest, I am trying to share the reason with you all at the earliest time,” Saleh said in his statement.

Despite having an official government position, Mr. Saleh has always critisized the government performance such its recent action that welcomed Hekmatyar to the Presidential Palace.

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