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Standard Health Care Services Should be Provided: Danish

(Last Updated On: February 2, 2015)

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Afghanistan second vice President Sarwar Danish has demanded the Minister of public health to adopt necessary measurements to pave the way for standard health care services within the country.

He has insisted during his speech while introducing the new public health Minister to his co-workers that from now on wards standard health care services should be practically practiced in health care center.

New Public health Minister Ferozudin Feruz who has officially began working said, “Having access to health care services in remote areas, increasing of standard services will organize my priority work.”

Second vice Sarwar Danish said,” Afghan Nation demand the Minister of Public health to have access to standard health care services at the entire country officials within the Ministry of public health should consider the slogan Health for all practice health care services for the people and resolve their health issues.”

Meanwhile the new minister of public health has assured that my efforts will be as always under way to provide health care services for the remote areas and expand quality health care services for the entire Nation, and combat against the poor imported medicines from the neighboring countries into the country.”

His speech and promises come after that Afghan Nation still suffer from none standard health care services, and lack of standard health care centers in the past several years, let’s wait and watch that the new Minister for public health will be capable to meet the requirements of the people and avoid them going to abroad for better treatments.

Reported By: Rafi Sediqi

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