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Split increases Among Taliban Ranks Day by Day

(Last Updated On: August 1, 2015)


Split is being increased among the Taliban groups day by day after the death of Taliban leader Mullah Mohammad Omer confirmed.

Taliban during a press release stated that Mullah Mohammad Akhtar Mansor has been appointed as his successor.

But some of the Taliban leaders told to Ariana News declared Mullah Akhtar Mansor is a Perfidious and he was selected by a few numbers of Taliban as his successor, which is not acceptable leader to all Taliban members.

The Taliban during the press release have said,” after long holding session held in between the Senior Taliban leaders ,they have decided to select Mullah Mohammad Akhtar Mansor as the leader of Taliban.”

Further Mawlavee Haibatullah Akhundzadah head of the Taliban Justice and Court, Mullah Serajudding Haqqani were appointed as the deputies of the new leaders of Taliban.

But most of the Taliban leaders in special interviews with Ariana News have called Mullah Mohammad Akhtar Mansor as the Perfidious person, saying he was the guy has hidden the death of the pervious Taliban leader Mullah Mohammad Omer.

Mullah Mohammad Rasoul Akhund said, “he has been appointed by the Pakistan ISI who is not trustable and acceptable person for us.”

However the second part of Taliban members during a session have declared Mullah Mohammad Akhtar Mansor as the well-known selected leader, in the following session Mullah Abdul Qauim Zakir, Mullah Abdul Razaq Akhund, Mullah Habibullah Brother, Mullah Omer, Son of Mullah Omer Yaqub participated.

Member of the Taliban leadership Mullah Mohammad Rasoul Akhund Most of the Taliban members are not satisfied with the selection of the new Taliban leaders,saying Peace talks process will be underway officially with the Government of Afghanistan.

Mullah Mohammad Akhtar Mansor is 55 year old, he has been the Taliban Aviation Minister,after the Taliban Falls, he had been working for Taliban in Kandahar Province Afghanistan,has close ties with Pakistan Government.

Reported By Ahmad Farshad Saleh


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