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Special Committee Endorses Rahmani’s Selection

(Last Updated On: May 22, 2019)

The 27-member committee on Wednesday endorsed Mir Rahman Rahmani selection as the Parliament Speaker after assessing the votes cast.

The majority of the committee members said that votes recounting have revealed that the only controversial vote was valid and Mr. Rahmani has secured the fifty percent plus one vote.

“After recounting the archived votes, it was revealed that Rahmani has secured 124 votes, Osuli has secured 55 votes, 54 votes were invalid, and 13 votes were blank. A total of 246 votes were in the ballot boxes so Rahmani has won the election with 124 votes,” said Ghulam Hussain Nasseri, an MP from Kabul.

However, eleven members of the committee opposed the move; therefore, the final decision was decided to be made in a general session of the lower house of parliament.

“The decision regarding the invalid votes should be made in the general session of the House based on the assessments, procedures, and MPs commitment,” said Mirwais Yasini, an MP from eastern Nangarhar province.

At the same time, the parliament interim speaker reiterated that he has announced Rahmani as the winner based on the regulation of the parliament’s internal affairs.

“In accordance with article 72 of the regulation of the parliament’s internal affairs we made our decision. It is clearly stated in article 72 that the decision should be made based on the votes cast,” said Ata Mohammad Dehqanpoor, former interim speaker of the parliament.

This comes as the parliament descended into chaos on Sunday when lawmakers brawled over the appointment of a new speaker, an inauspicious start to the assembly which was sitting for the first time since chaotic elections last year.

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