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Special Audit of 6,000 Boxes: New UN Plan

(Last Updated On: August 13, 2014)


Based on a new plan of United Nations, about six thousand of specific ballot boxes will be audited specially, according to electoral teams of both candidates.

Members of electoral teams from both the candidates announced Wednesday that three thousands of these boxes would be determined by Abdullah Abdullah’s team and three thousand others by Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai.

“All the controversial sites where problems exist are already determined by both the candidates. Votes from these sites will be just counted not audited,” said Zahir Aghbar, member of Abdullah’s team.

He added normal audit of votes would continue. But in special audit, all the votes would be counted.

Further detailed by the electoral team of Ahmadzai that the special audit would begin on coming Friday.

The election commission, however, has said it has received no formal letter so far in this regard, but admitted such discussions had taken place.

Spokesman of election commission declared all the audit and recount of votes belonged to the electoral commission.

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