Some Districts of Farah Covered With Poppy Crops

(Last Updated On: March 5, 2017)

2Some districts of Farah Province Bakwa, Khak-i- Safid, Bala Bulok, Gulestan and Peshroad are mostly covered with poppy crops, Ariana News correspondents and cameraman visited the most unrest place of Balabulok district Shewan village where its residents freely cultivate poppy in their village for years.

One of the farmers in Shewan village Badar said, “In the past both Government and Taliban used to come by and collect the poppy, but now I collect myself sell it to the Narcotic drugs smugglers and I provide part of my cultivation to our Mullah as tithe .

In bakawa district there are hundreds of Narcotic drugs production factories where cocaine, Heroin, Cristal are produced and International drug traffickers come by to purchase the wealthy phenomenon.

Farah Counter Narcotic Drugs Director Shafiqullah Dawran said, “There are a lot of production factories producing Narcotic drugs cocaine, Heroin, Cristal in Bakwah district.”

Narcotic Drugs Traffickers are using underage children to irrigate poppy crops and avoid them to go to schools at these ages.

One of the young farmers Dilawar said, “ I take care of the poppy crops, I don’t go to school.”

Meanwhile Local officials in Farah said neighboring countries have created good markets for the poppy production for the regional and International drug Traffickers.

Deputy Governor of Farah Mohammad Younus  Rasouli said, “  A protocol was signed to take the poppy cultivation out of the country even not to Iran to other Foreign countries where its being used and it has customers.”

Poppy crops and cultivation in Farah provoked the war between the Government and Insurgents, because Taliban are being benefited the most out of the poppy production to stand against Afghan security forces.

Reported by: Ahmad Farshad Saleh

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