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Some Commanders Sell Military Outposts to the Taliban: Afghan Local Officials

(Last Updated On: December 11, 2017)

According to the local officials in the southern Urozgan province, some Afghan commanders are selling the military outposts to the Taliban and some others are fighting back against the government upon being fired from the government.

“Some incompetence individuals are influencing into the police ranks and sell the outposts to the terrorists. The discovery units are working hard to identify them and the number of such influenced personnel is getting thinner,” said Rahmat Shah Qimati, an Afghan military commander in Urozgan province.

Most of Afghan National Army battalion and operational commanders are tribal elders in Urozgan province. The commanders are poorly trained and granted low military ranks.

The poorly trained commanders or tribal elders are in charge of managing the important part of the war and all of them are dependent on their own tribes.

“The commanders who are commanding operational battalions are mostly tribal elders with low military ranks. They are dependent on a specific tribe”, said Abdul Wahid Paikan, the deputy governor of Urozgan Province.

As some commanders upon hearing about their removal have turned against the government, firing such commanders are not that easy.

However Rahmatullah Sediqi, the police chief of Urozgan says that they have arrested some of such incompetent commanders and already sent them to Kabul.

The soldiers are also extending complaints that their commanders are dealing with their blood on the ground.

“They even deal with our blood. The blood of our stronghold companions and our people are being dealt with. Our elders will do whatever they can”, lamented Karimullah, an Afghan army soldier who is fighting against the Taliban in the restive Urozgan province.

The public police commander of Urozgan province after conceding the commanding center and all its weapons to the Taliban had launched last year a heavy attack on Tarinkot, the capital city of the Province.

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