Soldiers Seen Selling Ammunition to Save Lives: Ghazni Governor

(Last Updated On: June 1, 2018)

Abdul Karim Mateen the governor of Ghazni province accepts that in some cases the Afghan troops have sold their weapons and ammunition to insurgents for the sake of their lives.

“Right now, our soldiers are stuck inside their checkpoints and they can’t move out. We want them to be able to move. There are reports that soldiers in blockades have established contacts with the Taliban insurgents to save their lives and in some cases, they have sold their ammunition to save their lives,” the provincial governor said.

Meanwhile, soldiers in Dih Yak district of the province say that lack of reinforcement and logistical support are the main reasons behind the collapse of checkpoints in the province.

“Taliban are firing rockets and missiles from all corners of the district on daily basis, but we don’t receive any support,” Mohammad Anwar an army soldier in the district told Ariana News.

“Taliban militants are close. We don’t receive any support and food on time, but we still try to fight them,” Mohammad Rafiq another soldier added.

Hasibullah Azimi an army officer says Taliban are fighting with governmental weapons they have seized and they have advanced weapons.

“The enemies are located around us. There is no possibility of logistical support because the roads are closed. We are seriously asking senior officials – the defense minister and interior minister – to help us,” Azimi said.

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