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Snow leopard kills dozens of sheep in northern Afghanistan



(Last Updated On: December 31, 2021)

Local officials said a snow leopard caused havoc in the Dara-e-Asik area of Zibak district in Badakhshan in the early hours of Thursday morning and killed and injured dozens of sheep.

Badakhshan officials said they ordered Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (IEA) forces to safeguard the leopard and to release it unharmed back into the wild.

“We ordered the Mujahedin to surround the neighborhood where the leopard was trapped, and not to allow anyone or any group to kill this rare wild animal, and …return it to nature safely,” said Mazuddin Ahmadi, Head of Information and Culture of Badakhshan province.

Ahmadi said the leopard had been returned safely to the wild.

According to him, the IEA is serious about preserving the number of snow leopards in Badakhshan, adding that the animal’s presence is a drawcard for foreign tourists.

Snow leopards have in the past been known to kill sheep in the far northern province – especially in winter. In spring, farmers in the same area lost 20 sheep while 63 more were killed last winter. However the Wildlife and Snow Leopard Project paid the farmers out, said Ahmadi.

Snow leopards, which are found across central and south Asia live above the tree lines in the mountain ranges and are found in the Zebak and Wakhan districts of Badakhshan, which share borders with Pakistan, China and Tajikistan.

However, Badakhshan Department of the Environment officials said they are hoping international wildlife organizations will assist them in the future in their attempts to safeguard the snow leopard population in Afghanistan and to help prevent future attacks against domestic livestock.

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Coal mining sector in Ghor gets green light



(Last Updated On: January 26, 2022)

Ghor officials confirmed Wednesday that the process of extracting coal in the province has started.

Officials at the Ghor Mines and Petroleum Authority said a tender has been issued to a local company and that the company expects to mine up to 50 tonnes of coal a day.

Officials said the company is contracted to pay the government 2,400 AFN for every tonne of coal extracted.

In addition, dozens of jobs have been created.

“Coal mining in Alayar district of Ghor province has started successfully, which is a step towards self-sufficiency, progress and development,” said Wahid Shaheryar, head of Ghor Coal Mining Company.

“The request of all departments and the people of Ghor is that work on the mines of Ghor province should start and (coal) extracted so that jobs can be created for our people,” said Abdul Hakim Hekmat, head of Ghor Mines and Petroleum department.

Despite having rich mineral deposits, Ghor has been one of the poorest provinces in the country for the last two decades, as no regulated mining was in place.

“We have about 80 different types of mines in Ghor province, most of which are located in Tulak, Shahrak, Alayar and Dawlat Yar districts,” said Mawolavi Rahmatullah Amani, representative of Ghor governor’s office.

“We do our best to ensure the safety of roads, companies and mines in Ghor province,” said Ahmadullah Labeb, Ghor’s provincial police chief.

While hundreds of jobs are expected to be created in the province at mines, hundreds more will emerge as indirect employment opportunities, officials said.

Residents have also said that with the establishment of operational mines, other sectors will also grow and infrastructural development will follow.

“We are very happy that the work on this mine has started and we have started working, but our problems need to be taken into account,” said AbdulKhaliq, a resident.

According to local officials, in addition to the coal mine, the central province also has rich deposits of lead, gold, marble, and mercury.

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Former district police chief in Ghor gunned down



(Last Updated On: January 25, 2022)

Habib-u-Rahman Malikzada, former police chief of Tiora district of Ghor province was gun downed by unknown assailants in western Herat province on Tuesday, relatives of the deceased said.

According to his relatives, Malikzada was shot close to the entrance of his house in PD1 of Herat city on Tuesday morning.

Sabir Herawi, a spokesman for the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (IEA) Intelligence, has confirmed the incident, stating that the culprits fled the area after attacking Malikzada.

So far, no group or individual has claimed responsibility for the attack.

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At least seven killed in Herat explosion



(Last Updated On: January 22, 2022)

A car bomb detonated in western Herat province on Saturday evening, killing at least seven people, sources said.

Herat police headquarters said in a statement that a vehicle carrying explosives detonated in the Haji Abbas area in PD12 of Herat city at 6:50 this evening.

Police said an investigation had been started into the incident.

Herat Intelligence officials said a magnetic IED was attached to a vehicle which resulted in the explosion.

The security officials did not provide details about the casualties.

Arif Jalali, Head of Herat Hospital, stated that seven dead bodies, including four women and three men, and nine wounded people – including five women and four men – have been taken to the hospital.

Immediately, no group or individual has claimed responsibility for the attack.

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