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Smuggling of Birds Put Them at Risk of Extinction in Herat

(Last Updated On: June 6, 2019)

Trafficking of the birds to foreign countries has resulted in the extinction of some indigenous birds in Herat province.

Officials in Herat say that the traffickers of the birds smuggle the birds to foreign countries in groups.

Mina is of the indigenous birds of Herat which has so many lovers.

Recently, the number of this kind of birds considerably has decreased and is at risk of extinction.

Ezmaray Arbazada, one of the birds’ sellers in Herat, says that every year when the summer starts, thousands of the Mina baby birds are smuggled from Herat to the neighboring countries illegally.

However, Nasir Ahmad Fazli, Head of the Environmental Protection in Herat, says that due to the risk of the birds’ extinction hunting the birds are being banned in the country; But, trafficking the birds by the smugglers to the foreign countries threatens their survival more than the hunting.

This comes as the Environmental Protection Directorate and other state-run institutions have tried in the prevention of the birds’ trafficking; however, it seems that the efforts are not satisfying.

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