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Slow Construction Work In Faizabad Road: Local Residents Claim

(Last Updated On: September 20, 2014)

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A number of the local residents in Badakhshan have expressed their deep concerns over the slow construction process of work on the Faizabad road which is known as Rahe Abrishum claiming that part of the road which has been asphalted was destroyed by the recent flooding in the area.

Badakhashan Mps in lower house of the parliament have also confirmed the issues and declared this slow steady construction work needs deep attention of the officials in Ministry of Public Work.

However Minister of public works Najibullah Ozhan has said,” in case the construction company fails to do the job it will be introduced to the justice and judicial departments and will be fined financially.”

Local officials have said,” the length of the road is 44 Kilo meter which is financially supported by the Asian Development Bank with cost of $66 million.”

One of the Mps Zakraia Sawdah has also claimed that this road will connect Afghanistan into China which is vital for boosting the mutual business and trade among the two countries.

Officials in Ministry of Public works by confirming the issues added that internal construction companies aren’t capable to implement the big ass projects within the country and the only solution is the following companies should be technically evaluated.

Mr Ozhan has also talked about the benefits of the roads for the residents after the road being asphalted it will connect several other districts within the province and facilitate more for the residents.

Its said that Badakhshan is located in Northern Provinces of Afghanistan which also neighboring China and Tajikistan countries at the same time.

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