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Slaven Skeledzic appointed as new coach of Afghan national football team

(Last Updated On: February 9, 2015)

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Afghanistan Football Federation (AFF) announced on Monday the appointment of Slaven Skeledzic as the new coach of the national football team.

Skeledzic, 43, has plenty of experience as football coach. Born in Bosnia, he played professional football for many years in Germany.

The 43 year old coach, long before was the coach of 19 years old FSB Frankfurt team, in Germany.

Officials in AFF said that the appointment of Slaven Skeledzic has no link with the incident that happened to Yousuf Kargar, former coach of Afghan national football team and the contract had already been finalized with him.

Afghan experts and Afghan footballers are also said to believe the presence of Slaven Skeledzic in Afghan national football team can underlie the power of Afghanistan football among the top teams of old continent.

It is believed that Skeledzic, who has coached many junior teams in Germany, will bring the European football culture to Afghanistan. However, the lack of experience in coaching the international football teams does not go in his favor.
Reported By Nazanin Wali



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