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Six District Governors Replaced in Herat, Following Presidential Order

(Last Updated On: February 27, 2018)

Six district governors have been replaced in western Herat province, following presidential order, local officials said Tuesday.

According to local officials, the governors of Ghoryan, Chesht, Pashtun Zarghun, Gulran, Keshk Kohna and Adarskan districts have been replaced in a bid to bring reforms in the province.

“The appointments and replacements have been made based on Civil Service Law and presidential decree,” the provincial governor’s spokesman, Jelani Farhad said.

The move, however, has sparked reaction of the provincial council members in the province.

“Specialist and experienced young people should have been appointed in the positions. The government should give chance to others too,” said Sayed Azim Kabarzani, a member of Herat provincial council.     

Some Herat provincial council members criticized the government over the issue.

“If they [the replaced district governors] had not been able to work in the district, then certainly they can’t work in other districts as well,” said Mehdi Hadid, a member of Herat provincial council.

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