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Sikh woman killed at her residence last night

(Last Updated On: February 28, 2020)

Late last night, unknown men broke into a Sikh woman’s house and brutally cut off her body parts to death. Reportedly, her jewelry and cash have also been looted.

The Kabul police commander hasn’t commented about the motive of the incident yet.

The relatives of the victim want the government to find and prosecute the murderers as soon as possible.

Samandar Singh, a relative of the victim, said, “They have brutally murdered my sister-in-law.”

According to Moursir Nasila, the victim’s daughter-in-law, the victim’s mouth was folded with a scarf, and her lips and throat were cut. Nasila said that she doesn’t know what Sikhs were paying for.

Harjith Singh, another relative of the victim, said that the body of the victim had been cut in pieces and that this was cowardice, an act far from humane mentality.

In the premises where the victim lived, six other families are also settled. They say that they had not noticed the occurrence.

The victims’ relatives warn that if the government does not catch and prosecute the murderers, they will leave Afghanistan.

Pramit Kour and Arijith Kour, relatives of the victim want the government to identify the murderers and either hang or do a similar action to them.

The Hindus and Sikhs in Afghanistan say that their lives are getting worse than ever.

Narender Singh Khalsa, the Sikh/Hindu representative in the lower house, said, “Previously, the Hindus in Afghanistan had various challenges, left their homes, houses have been looted, and they have suffered a lot.”

Recently, the crimes in Kabul have been increasing day by day.

Although the government has spoken of new policies to reduce criminal activities, there are no results in practice.


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