SIGAR reveals Afghan police corruption scandal

(Last Updated On: January 13, 2015)


The Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR) in a report said that they have come up with a plan to verify the true number of police officers on the Afghan payroll by the end of this month.
After nine years focusing on building a payroll system that works, SIGAR says the two main electronic systems used for payroll data are not fully functional and cannot even communicate with each other.
SIGAR added that have been finding mammoth problems with the personnel records and payroll data associated with Afghan police.
“There is no documentation that unit commanders are accurately reporting subordinate personnel attendance,” SIGAR noted. “All these factors could result in personnel being paid for days not worked, either with or without the knowledge of supervisory personnel.”
In past months the crisis has hit new heights of tension, with European Union donors temporarily withholding $100 million in contributions to LOTFA while they expressed concerns about its management.
SIGAR said that this may be the international community’s last chance to reform the financial support for police, who will become more important than ever with the withdrawal of U.S. combat forces.
Meanwhile, the ministry of interior affairs denied the report and said that the process of Afghan Police payroll data is transparent.
While the international community especially US spent billions of dollars for Afghan security forces, now SIGAR declared that Pentagon has done nothing to prevent corruption among the Afghan forces.


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