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SIGAR Accuses Afghan Forces for ‘Gross Violations of Human Rights’

(Last Updated On: January 24, 2018)

According to a U.S. watchdog, the Afghan security forces have committed 75 incidents of “gross violations of human rights abuses” as of August 2016.

The Special Inspector General for Afghanistan’s Reconstruction, known as SIGAR, released a report on Monday in which said the incidents included: 7 child sexual assault, 46 other gross violations of human rights, and 22 incidents that classified at a level above secret due to the sensitivity of the information.

On Wednesday, Afghanistan’s Independent Human Rights Commission (AIHRC) expressed concerns regarding violations of human rights by a number of Afghan security forces.

“Children are still getting recruited among police forces, especially in the Afghan Local Police (ALP), and these cases are not investigated,” Bilal Sediqi, AIHRC Spokesman told Ariana News. “We are still concerned about the existence of torture.”

Meanwhile, a spokesman for the Afghan ministry of defense claimed that military forces were reformed.

“We have always behaved transparently against such cases and we have referred any allegation to the judicial institutions,” said Mohammad Radmansh, a spokesman for the Ministry of Defense.

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