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Sharp Rise in Criminal Crimes in Kabul

(Last Updated On: July 16, 2017)

Beside terrorist incidents in Kabul city, the increase of criminal crimes has also raised concerns of Kabul residents.

Crime is a social problem in all human societies, but in Afghanistan the most heinous and harrowing types of it occurs. Lately criminal offenses are increasingly on the rise causing serious concerns among the population.

In the most recent case, unknown men killed three persons and wounded one another in Qarqa area of the Kabul City.

Paghman district chief calls the increase of irresponsible armed men alarming in Kabul.

Corruption, not detaining offenders or releasing them after arresting, weak government rule in remote areas, long administrative procedure while reporting crimes, lack of confidence in the government and involvement of powerful people in these incidents are the reasons why a big part of the crimes are not recorded in the country.

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