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SF effective role in suppressing oppositions

(Last Updated On: July 29, 2015)


National Army Special Forces General Commander has declared that Afghan Special Forces (SF) had an effective role in thwarting the opposition’s attacks and making oppositions suffer heavy causalities in the country especially in the Northern part of Afghanistan.

Gen. Sayed Abdul Karim, National Army Special Forces Commander said that with arduous training Afghan Special Forces are ready for any operations in unsafe areas of the country.

The Special Force is an elite military force that conducts high-risk counterinsurgency operations in remote areas known to be enemy strongholds.

These successful missions demonstrate the Special Forces ability to provide security to the Afghan population while enabling governance and continued development throughout Afghanistan.

The Special Forces have conducted more than 23 patrols and operations in the past six months throughout northern Afghanistan. This effort resulted in the capture of multiple Taliban leaders, bomb makers, and weapons traffickers.

“Special Forces are struggling serious and difficult war against the enemies of the country and we have many great achievements in these operations which conducted in several provinces of the country especially, Badakhshan, Kunduz and Faryab,” Abdul Karim said.

Abdul Karim also instructed the forces to not pity the enemies and do not let them to achieve their goals.

Meanwhile, in the 15th round of National Army Special forces graduation, nearly 150 soldiers have received their certificates after special military trainings.






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