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Sexual Favor Accusers Will Be Prosecuted If They Fail to Provide Documents: AGO

(Last Updated On: July 18, 2019)

The Attorney General Office (AGO) warns that if the people who have accused the government offices of sexual favor in exchange for employment fail to provide evidence for supporting their claims, they will be prosecuted. 

For the first time, Habibullah Ahmadzai, a former advisor to the President accused the Presidential Palace of sexual favors in exchange for high-rank positions.

Afterward, the number of people who made similar accusations on top government officials increased.

However, none of the accusers have provided any evidence to support their claims.

Jamshid Rasuli, the Spokesperson of AGO, says that AGO will consider enforcing the law equally on everyone as its responsibility and anyone who has made claims in absence of the documents in contrast to the truth will be prosecuted.

Meanwhile, the accusations have negatively affected the employment of women in the government.

Following the accusations, some of the families do not let their women continue working gin the government.

“Those who have put the safety of women in danger and have had illegitimate demands should be prosecuted so the trust is made between the government and the women who want to work with it,” said Latifa Sultani, a women rights activist

This comes as the government has repeatedly rejected the sexual favor accusations on the government.

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