Seven Persons Related to Kabul Bank case arrested

(Last Updated On: October 11, 2014)

2 The Afghanistan Supreme Court Office has sent thirty one dossiers for those persons involved in Kabul Bank case to appeals court in Kabul on Saturday.

Officials in Supreme Court have demanded the justice and judicial departments to review their cases fairly and honestly.

Afghanistan supreme court spokesman Basir Azizi also said,” that twenty one person’s cases related to Kabul bank corruption once again was reviewed and they were accused for counterfeiting, neglecting, embezzlement and the cases were sent to Appeals Court for further processing.”

Ministry of Interior Affairs spokesman Sediq Sediqee said, “when we received the written order from the President Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai to arrest the corrupted persons we have been capable to detain seven persons among 19 and their names are as follows:

Kamal Nasir Koror Son of: Habibullah Koror responsible for whole Kabul Bank Network.

Bismillah Son of Abdul Mohammad Monitoring member of the Main Kabul Bank Office.

Mohammad Qasim Rahimi Son of : Abdul Hameed General monitoring Manager for Kabul Bank.

Mohammad Tariq Miran Son of : Ghulam Farooq Head of Information and Technology.

Sheraqa Halim Son of Zainulabiddin Head the Monitoring Group in Kabul Bank.

Mohammad Arif Salik Son of Mohammad Asif Monitoring member of Kabul Bank.

And MahboobShah Frotan Son of Mobarakshah Former legal member of Kabul Bank

There have been twenty one persons involved in Kabul Bank corruption case where 913 $million were embezzled the Government has been capable to re-gain 184$ million still 729 $million is missing.

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