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Seven Military Officials Sacked for IS Attack on Kabul Army Base

(Last Updated On: February 6, 2018)

Seven high ranking military officials including two generals have been sacked due to committing ‘professional negligence’ in the Daesh or Islamic State terror attack on the 1st Battalion of ANA 111th Capital Division.

The attack took place on Monday, January 29, and claimed the lives of 11 Afghan army soldiers while 16 others wounded in the attack.

It was carried out by five Islamic State or Daesh assailants whom one assailant was arrested alive and all others died in the battle with Afghan forces.

” Team findings reveal that seven high ranking officers including two generals committed professional negligence. All seven are sacked and referred for further investigations”, Afghan Presidential Palace known as Arg said in a statement.

 The statement further noted that process of ‘PUNISHMENT’ and ‘REWARD’ will continue.

However it didn’t include the names and more details of the officials who were fired and referred for further investigations due to their professional negligence in the attack.

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