Sentence To In Prison, Yaftali Yet Attends Parliament Meetings

(Last Updated On: May 17, 2019)

In spite of being sentenced to six months in prison, Zia Yaftali, an MP from Badakhshan, attends the Parliament meetings.

Gen. Ahmad Zia Yaftali, former head of the Afghan National Army’s Health Department and an MP from Badakhshan, was sentenced to six months in prison on 12th of May by the Anti-Corruption Criminal Justice Center’s primary court.

At the same time, some MPs say that no one is above the law; no MP has judicial immunity and the law should be implemented on all.

“The constitution does not give the judicial immunity to the MPs”, says Ramazan Bashardost an MP from Kabul.

The Supreme Court, Attorney General, and the Ministry of Interior Affairs did not make any comment on this.

Yar Baz Hamidi, an MP from Paktia, said that lack of implementing the law on officials provides the ground for increasing of crimes rate. 

It comes as the anti-corruption court has sentenced many other ex-officials to in prison; however, in some cases verdicts have not been implemented.

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