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Senators Voice Concerns Over Growing Insecurity, Lack of Solutions

(Last Updated On: September 27, 2016)

sana-_27_09_2016_pashto_sot-mpg_snapshot_00-14_2016-09-27_17-38-36A number of Afghan senators have expressed concerns over the ongoing deteriorated security situation and lack of plans for decreasing the insecurity.

Senators have declared that Afghan security forces are engaged in fighting against the armed oppositions of the governfment but there is no effective plans for suppressing the oppositions and reducing insecurity in the country.

“The security situation has been deteriorated all across the country, particularly the north-eastern parts,” said senator Muhammad Alam Izad Yar.

“Unfortunately, most of the security headquarters are intentionally given to the armed oppositions of the government, this issue should seriously be tracked,” said senator Zulmay Zabuli.

In the meantime, the interior minister and chairman of the National Directorate of Security who were summoned to the Senate House due to the increase of insecurity refused to present the session.

The first deputy speaker of the Senate considered the security situation alarming and emphasized that the security officials should be accountable to the national assembly.

“Security issues are very important and senators have many opinions regarding the issue. We will decide that the security authorities should present the sessions without any excuse,” said Farhad Sakhi, Senate first deputy speaker.

The present situation in Afghanistan is quite problematic.

Almost 14 years have passed since the fall of the Taliban in Afghanistan, but peace remains elusive. Four interlocking challenges with internal, regional, transnational, and international dimensions impede Afghanistan’s stabilization and reconstruction.

Each challenge facing Afghanistan feeds off the others, and together they have engendered a vicious circle that is destabilizing the country.

The Afghan people have placed much hope and trust in the strategic partnership agreements the Afghan government has signed with the United States, India, and other allies to help address the security challenges confronting Afghanistan.

But the long-term and necessary task cannot be accomplished by any one party alone. Every state in the region and beyond has a stake in the stabilization and reconstruction of Afghanistan, knowing that the effects of terrorism and insecurity in one country can easily spill over to affect the rest in a globalized world.

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