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Senators Urge Gov’t to Halt Insurgents’ Access to Armored Vehicles

(Last Updated On: June 3, 2018)

A number of Afghan senators say the increase of insurgent attacks and the militants’ access to armored vehicles and other military equipment are unacceptable, urging the government to prevent the situation.

Criticizing the security officials over failure to maintain security, the senators on Sunday said that the government has so far no strategic plan to properly manage the current situation in the country.

The senators stressed that the security officials reporting about the insurgents’ activities in parts of the capital Kabul which shows their failure in this regard.

“Today when the Interior Minister informing about the enemies’ activity in Sarai Shamai area of Kabul as well as reporting about the security threats in Paghman, it shows that how much the situation is fragile and how much the people are concerned,” said senator Nader Baloch.

 “It should be cleared how the insurgents being transferred and how the insurgents get access to armored vehicles,” said Senator Nesar Ahmad Haris, chairman of public welfare and environment commission.” “From where these armored vehicles come and those who cooperate with terrorists should be identified.”

The chairman of the Senate House, meanwhile said he will remove the black plastic sheets from his car, as a move “to end the security officials’ excuses over security failures,” and get prepared for better plans.  

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