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Senators Urge Gov’t to Come Up with ‘Clear Agenda’ At QCG Meeting

(Last Updated On: October 10, 2017)

Afghan senators say the resumption of Quadrilateral Cooperation Group (QCG) peace meeting provides a better opportunity to talk peace with Pakistan and the government should come up with specific agenda.

The meeting is due to be held in Muscat, the capital of Oman on Oct 16. All four members of the group including Afghanistan, the United States, China and Pakistan are unlikely to send their senior officials, instead they are likely to send mid-level officials to prepare for future talks.

“Lot of works need be done going into this [QCG] meeting,” said Senator Abdul Baqi Baryal. “Government should come up with effective agenda.”

“The U.S. together with China can convince Pakistan to end supporting terrorism in [the region],” said Senator Gulalai Akbari.

The Quadrilateral Cooperation Group first met in January 2016 and has had five sessions so far, the last being held in May 2016 in Murree.

“We hope the commitments made by Pakistan in previous meetings and also the commitments that took place thereafter, be implemented,” said Shakib Mustaghni, Spokesman for the Foreign Affairs Ministry.

The QCG meeting comes as the Taliban increased their attacks on both U.S. and Afghan government targets. And in the United States, the Trump Administration concluded that the best way is to force the Taliban to talk.

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