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Senators say Red Troops invade Afghanistan 36 years today

(Last Updated On: December 27, 2015)


Afghan senators have said Soviet Union red troops have invaded Afghanistan on 6th of Jadi and this day is marked as invading day in Afghanistan’s history, they have also condemned the recent statements of the Russia special envoy on Afghanistan.

Russia special envoy to Afghanistan Zamir Kabulov had said as concerns are increasing from IS militants in Afghanistan, we have contacted Taliban for joint interests.

6th of Jadi is repeated thirty six times in our history and still Afghans are suffering from the invade of red troops, and carry on bad memories out of war since Russia troops stayed in Afghanistan.

In the following war which lasted several years, took the life of thousands Afghans, and made thousands to flee from the country.

We condemned red troops invade into Afghanistan it has been 36 years which is repeated in our history,in th following war million of Afghans have lost their life ,got disabled and made to flee from the country senator Najiban Hussieni said.

Meanwhile head of the upper house Fazel Hadi Muslimyar has condemned the recent statements of Russia special envoy on Afghanistan, he had said that we support Taliban in order to fight IS Daesh militants for our joint interest.

Senators have demanded the Government not to be silent over the major issue and demonstrate against Russia.

Reported by Abdul AzizKarimi

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