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Senate House Asks Immediate Execution of Those Responsible for Terror Attacks

(Last Updated On: May 1, 2018)

A number of Afghan senators at the Upper House of Parliament have called on the government to stop its flexible policy against the oppositions and immediately execute the plotters who involve in the killing of Afghan people.

The Senators demand follows the twin explosions of yesterday in Kabul that killed nearly 30 people including journalists.

“The attack on journalists was unprecedented in the history of the world. We urge the government to execute the perpetrators whether they are Taliban or Daesh,” Senator Baz Muhammad Zarbati said.

Senator Maheyouddin Monsef added, “For what sins the journalists are being killed? What is their crime? Is it their partiality? The judicial institutions should address the cases and punish the perpetrators.”

In the meantime, a number of other senators accused the security officials of incompetence in providing the security.

“The Incompetent security officials are failed in their jobs and the current situation is not acceptable. People are not secure. With the presence of these security officials, our people are being killed day by day,” Hashem Alkozay, the head of Senate internal security committee said.

The chairman of Senate, Fazlul Hadi Muslimyar also asked the government to take serious actions against terrorists.

Afghan Senators stressed that the government should change its war tactic because terrorists are using any options for killing the Afghan people.

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