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Senators Insist on Trial of Criminals

(Last Updated On: July 3, 2018)

A number of Afghan senators in the Upper House of Parliament insisted Tuesday that security will not improve unless those responsible for insecurity brought to justice and face trial.

The senators asserted people are weary of insecurity and high death toll as the government is fundamentally mandated to protect people’s lives and properties.

 “There will be no security unless pure Islamic rules are implemented against the criminals and felons, and the IS (Daesh) prisoners should be hanged,” Senator Baz Mohammad Zarmati said.

 “Taliban insists on foreigners’ departure. I ask the Taliban to tell us who are they being supported by? Who are they being financed and equipped by? They are on the payroll of the foreigners too,” Senator Fowzia Sadat stated.

 “It is normal for them (the criminals) to kill Muslims, why and under which pretext are they killing the Sikh? Their acts show they do not have the least of respect for humanity or Islam, so they deserve no mercy,” Senator Mahyudin Monsif added.

In the meantime, the first deputy to the chairman of the upper house, Senator Mohammad Alam Ezatyar indicated the government is duty bound to act based on the wish of the public and bring all the murderers and criminals to justice.

 “It is up to the government to do more to administer justice and provide security. Those prisoners involved in insecurity must be punished severely,” he remarked.

The senators stressed the status quo has caused the public to distrust the government and remain pessimistic about the future. If the international community doesn’t pay any attention to the prevailing situation, their presence would be seriously questioned.

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