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Senators Insist on Convening Loya Jirga After Karzai Call

(Last Updated On: October 16, 2017)

A number of Afghan senators on Sunday insisted on convening Loya Jirga (Grand Assembly), to “resolve the ongoing major challenges the country is facing”.

The senators believe the situation is “getting worse” in the country, and holding Loya Jirga could be “effective” in regard.

“The current situation requires that Loya Jirga should be held as it will solved many problems the country is confronting with,” said senator, Sher Mohammad Akhunzada.

The senators, meanwhile, said that the politicians should work together and to assure convening the Grand Assembly is not in a bid to topple the government but to resolve the challenges.

“If Loya Jirga holds the supportive [of the government], we welcome it, but if it is to challenge to the system, then we are opposed,” said senator Zalmai Zabuli. “The government should be assured that [the Jirga] is not to collapse the system.”

The Chairman of the Senate Fazl Hadi Muslimyar, however, said that convening Grand Assemble should be based on the constitution.  “Loya Jirga is only possible when the election was being held to elect the representatives for the Jirga,” he added.

This come days after former President Hamid Karzai criticized the new U.S. strategy for Afghanistan and asserted that It does not bring  “a message of peace” but instead increases war and fuels regional rivalries over his strife-torn country.

In a formal letter, he urged  President Ashraf Ghani to convene an emergency traditional grand assembly of elders, for discussing U.S. President Trump’s war plan and finding a way out of the conflict.

By Shakib Mahmud and Rafi Sediqi

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