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Senators Express Concerns on Security Condition, Parliamentary Election

(Last Updated On: April 12, 2015)


Senators have expressed deep concerns on security condition and not holding of the parliamentary Election on its determined date they have said,” there is no stable political decision to resolve cases.”

They have declared the activities of the lower house of the parliament and the special electoral reformation committee illegal after coming 3 months, demanding the Government to pave the way for holding the parliamentary Election in its determined date.


Head of the upper house of the parliament Fazil Hadi Muslimyar said,” the ongoing disagreements in between the two National Unity Government leaders has caused the laws to be ignored,establishing of the special electoral reformation committee is illegal, once again we demand the Government to hold the parliamentary Election on its determined date.”

A number of other senators in the house have expressed their concerns over insecurity in Northern provinces of Afghanistan; saying of the current condition continues we will lose the control of the several districts of different provinces in North part of the country.

Abdullah Qarluq the secretary of the house said,” if we don’t pay attention to Kunduz we will lose Chardara,Imamsaib, Dasht-i- Archi districts.”


The other female senator Gulalai Akbari explained the current security condition of Badakhshan Province saying residents of that province seriously facing death threat the threat comes from the existed rebels of chichinia, Tajik and Pakistani.

Increasing of insecurity within the country has changed into hard talk in between the political figures and Nation,the upper house members decided to summon the Afghanistan security officials in coming Saturday.

Reported by Abdul Aziz Karimi

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