Senators Demand Resignation of Afghan Leaders on Cabinet Issues

(Last Updated On: December 30, 2014)


A number of the senators in upper house of the parliament have demanded the resignation of both President and CEO of Afghanistan on long term delays of cabinet.

The following lawmakers have said,” President and CEO of Afghanistan have taken the cabinet releasing as hostage which has caused several serious challenges within the systems of the Government and made the Nation to suffer from it.”

They have added that if the Government doesn’t introduce the new cabinet members Nation will stand against the both President Ashraf Ghani and CEO Abdullah Abdullah.

Senator Arifullah Pashtun stated that let give them one more chance if they couldn’t then I will be the first one to re-act.”

Pessmistically the other lawmaker Mohammad Amin Safi said,” If we give them chances they will not be capable to establish the new cabinet and introduce the members for the parliament and I serious request is if you two can’t do the job let others do it.”

I on behalf of the Afghan Nation want both Afghan leaders to resign from their positions said Senator Daud Assas .

According to the following lawmakers all acting officials within the Provinces have let no choice for the people , they have got tired of this situation.

Ali Akbar Jamshidi urged that when the journalists asking questions the Afghanistan CEO Abdullah Abdullah he blames  President Ghani for not doing much for the cabinet.

First deputy of the upper house Mohammad Alam Yezidyar has also said,” this issue has caused that there is crack and distance has been formed in between the Nation and Government.”

This comes after serious disagreements existed in between both Afghan leaders President Ghani and CEO Abdullah over the introduction of members for the new cabinet specially the Minister for Interior Affairs.

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