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Senators criticize Pakistan’s dual policy against Afghanistan

(Last Updated On: March 13, 2016)

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A number of Afghan Senators on Sunday criticized the dual policy of Pakistan in Afghanistan’s affairs and strongly condemned the continued intervention of Pakistan.

The senators voiced concerns over security situation of the country; citing most parts of the Helmand province are under Taliban’s control.

“Actually, 75 percent of Helmand province have been collapsed into the Taliban and the remaining 25 % is under government’s control. The government does not pay any attention to Pakistan’s policy in the country’s affairs; even Pakistan’s flags have been installed in some areas of the province,” said Senator Hashem Alkozai.

Political experts believe Afghanistan and the international community especially US and NATO member countries have lost many soldiers during the last 14 years in war against terrorism and extremism and their reconstruction programs threatened by terrorists.

It was Pakistan that recruit, trained and equipped terrorists on one hand and the other hand promised cooperation in Afghan peace process. For this dual policy, Pakistan has lost credit before Afghanistan and international community.

Badakhshan’s representative, Senator Gulalay Akbari has also expressed concern over security situation of the country; claiming the armed Taliban group take fines from people.

“Badakhshan is drowned in blood. Taliban warn the people to join with them otherwise, they will take 50,000 AFN from each person per months,” Akbari said.

Scores of Afghan political experts have urged that Pakistan hasn’t been honest towards ensuring peace into Afghanistan for decades as Pakistan National security advisor Sartaj Aziz spoke about housing of Afghan Taliban leaders in Pakistan for years.

While Afghanistan’s relations is not good with Pakistan due to what has been called Pakistan dishonesty in its polices against Afghanistan peace in general.

The country’s rulers have said that they would no longer give authority of peace to Pakistan and until this country has not proven its sincerity practically, no peace talks will be held. Due to its dishonesty, Pakistan is under heavy international pressure.

According to experts, Pakistan is never ready to give up support of terrorist groups. Pakistan believes that with exploitation of terrorists groups, it can implement its strategy on India and Afghanistan.

The analysts strongly believe that this is the international pressures that forced each of Pakistan authorities to talk on cooperation for resumption of peace talks.

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