Senators Complain over Unbalanced Budget of Next Fiscal Year

(Last Updated On: November 22, 2016)

sana_22_11_2016_dari_sot-mpg_snapshot_00-51_2016-11-22_19-32-22A number of Afghan Senators said that the balance has not been considered in the draft budget for the 1396 fiscal year.

Senators criticized the draft budget of next fiscal year and claimed the priorities and infrastructure programs have not been considered.

“The powerful people have facilities and all budgets are for them, but there is nothing for the poor people,” said Senator from Farah province.

The repetitive of projects is one of the other factors criticized by the senators.

“Why the complete projects of the year 2013 once again include in the development budget? Is it a kind of deception?,” said Senator Muhammad Rahim Hassanyar, from Ghazni.

Senator Sayeed Safiullah Hashemi, from Samangan also said, “We do not have any concreted road, electricity and water canals, the draft budget is incomplete.”

The finance minister who summoned in today’s session, in response to senators said, basic needs have been considered in this draft budget.

“The  Covenant citizenship program implements in all provinces of the country. We want to bring services to nearly 4,000 villages. The gardening and livestock relates to the ministry of agriculture. The health program from the World Bank is among our national programs and the education program bring services to all parts of the country,” said Eklil Hakemi, finance minister.

It has been scheduled that the Senate Economic Commission submits proposals after two days and the draft budget of the next year will be referred to the Senate House.

Reported by Yousuf Yasa

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