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Senators Call for Fully Equipment of Afghan Forces in Battlefields

(Last Updated On: July 18, 2017)

Afghan Senators expressed deep concerns over security situation in most provinces of the country, saying the government must fully equip Afghan troops in the battlegrounds.

They said the terrorist groups use any options to expand insecurities and the only way is our unity to stand against them.

“Clearing Nawa district is a great achievement, but war is ongoing in most of the provinces. The Afghan forces face many problems they should have impunity from damages of war,” said Muhammad Hashem Alkozay, head of security and defense commission of Senate House.

The first deputy speaker of Senate, Muhammad Alam Izadyar said, “We praise Afghan forces efforts that defend the country. The government should try to make the situations better.”

The chairman of the Senate also praised Afghan forces’ performances and emphasized on support of them.

“Afghan forces have many achievements in their operations and with supporting these forces we can gain more achievements,” said Fazlul Hadi Muslimyar, chairman of the Senate House.

Afghan Senators stressed if the International Community honestly fulfill its commitments and fully equip and support Afghan forces, the insecurities will have a remarkable decrease.

In the meantime, the Lower House of Parliament say the continuation of acting ministers’ work has caused an increase in corruption and irresponsibility.

Parliament Members declared the government violated the custody law since eight months ago.

However, the Presidential Palace has previously introduced four ministerial candidates to Parliament, but the Lower House wants all ministerial nominees to be introduced for receiving votes of confidence.

This comes as Local Organs also have the same challenges; the Local Organs told Ariananews that of the 382 districts 40 of them are leading by acting heads.

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