Senators Call ARG, NSC ‘Main Source of Corruption’

(Last Updated On: May 9, 2017)

SenaAfghan Senators said the main source of corruption is the Presidential-Palace (ARG) and National Security Council (NSC) and the biggest deals take place in ARG to gain personal interests.

Senators declared that if the real roots of corruption do not eliminate in ARG, fight against this phenomenon would be impossible.

Senator Jamauddin Geyanwal said, “the main source of corruption is ARG and National Security Council. Most of illegal actions take place in there and decision are being taken based on demands.”

Senator Gulalay Akbari said, “we are concerning about the corruption which has a widespread existence in presidential palace.”

Another Senator Farhad Sakhi also said, “President should start fight against corruption from himself that people can trust government’s commitment against corruption.”

The first deputy speaker of the Upper House of Parliament,  Muhammad Alam Izad Yar said the government does not have a honest commitment in fight against corruption and decisions are being taken based on personal interests. “the systematic corruption begins from ARG and continues to other government institutions. Focuses are more on personal interest instead of national interests.”

Afghan Senators stressed that corruption is the main factor for the all current challenges and it caused peoples’ trust reduce from government.

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