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Senator optimistic on opening TAPI Gas pipeline project

(Last Updated On: December 13, 2015)


A number of senators in the upper house of the parliament are optimistic over the opening of the Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan and India TAPI joint Gas project for boosting economy and ensuring security in Afghanistan and the region.

They have also declared the President presence in Turkmenistan on the inauguration of the following project positive and profitable, they have urged that the gas pipeline will open a new chapter not only for Afghanistan but for the regional countries benefiting the gas.

President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani has gone to Turkmenistan to join the inauguration of the following gas pipeline called TAPI.

First deputy of the upper house Mohammad Alim Izadyar said,” the economy of four countries are knotted with following gas pipeline, it will open new chapter of joint cooperation for boosting economy, and this will also convince others that peace and stability of Afghanistan is vital to them.”

Senator Anarkali Hunaryar said,” its very important project, this will create 7000 jobs opportunities,we do support it.”

Some of the senators in the house have criticized the president Ghani who couldn’t explain the Afghan Nation issues to Pakistani counterpart while he had attended the heart of Asia conference held in Islamabad.

President during his visit to Turkmenistan mentioned that Turkmenistan is our good neighboring country,which export Gas to Afghanistan not like other neighboring country sending terrorists, I wish he had told this message to Pakistani officials while he was in Pakistan Zalmay Zabuli hoped.

Once again senators have demanded the Afghanistan Government to have baby step towards Pakistan promises and commitments for Afghanistan, experiences indicated that they have never been faithful against Afghanistan peace and stability.

Reported by AbdulAziz Karimi

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