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Senate Summons Senior Officials over Smuggling of Dollars

(Last Updated On: June 9, 2019)

Afghan senators on Sunday summoned senior officials of the central bank, interior ministry, and customs department over smuggling of U.S. dollar from Afghanistan to foreign countries.

Mohammad Alam Izadyar, Deputy Speaker of the House claimed that widespread corruption exists in the customs department. He further said that millions of dollars have been taken out of the country that has affected the Afghani currency.

Mohammad Azim Qooyash, head of the Senate finance and budget committee expressed his concerns regarding money laundering and urged the government to prevent such efforts.

Speaking at the session, General Ali Mast Mohmand, a senior official in the Afghan ministry of interior said that police have seized more than one billion foreign currency last year while individuals wanted to smuggle it out of the country. Gen. Mohmand blamed open borders for the illegal smuggling of foreign currencies.

At the same event, Khalil Sediq, the governor of Afghanistan’s central bank said that based on the law individuals can carry up to $20,000 with themselves and there are people with multiple-visas who are daily commuting to our neighboring countries with this amount of dollars.

Abdullah Raqeebi, deputy minister of customs and revenue, said that Afghanistan is having a 900-kilometer border with Iran but the U.S. dollar is still smuggled to Iran despite the government efforts.

This comes as the price of the U.S. dollar has dramatically increased in Afghanistan during the last year.

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