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Senate: People Must Stand Beside ANSF To Prevent Enemy’s Policies

(Last Updated On: October 06, 2015 7:11 pm)

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The Senate House says that the Afghan people and political movements must stand alongside with Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF) to prevent organized policies of Pakistan for continuation of war in Afghanistan.

Chairman of Senate, Fazlul Hadi Muslim Yar declares that Kundoz attack and the increase of insecurity in the country are the greatest plans of Pakistan which tries to Afghanistan reach an unsustainable stability.

Insecurity has significantly increased throughout the country, civilian deaths have shot up, and the Afghan security forces are taking large, and potentially unsustainable, casualties.

Pakistan has always been accused of contributing to the insecurity in Afghanistan and the relation between the two countries is soured.

“Pakistan has dramatic sustainable plans against Afghanistan which the Afghan people should be more aware of them. By standing alongside Afghan National Security Forces, Afghan people should make Pakistan face failure in its sinister plans,” Muslim Yar, chairman of senate said.

The Afghan army’s abilities were challenged in the North as Taliban took control of Kundoz, Takhar and Badakhshan districts which reaches to 9 days.

The Afghan forces suffer from financial problems and deficiencies in logistics, intelligence resources, and special support functions, including medical evacuation.

The lack of Afghan close-air-support assets is particularly problematic and a great boost to the insurgency. But what Afghan Senators say is this that they have the support of their people.

In the meantime, some of senators also say that Pakistan has fully prepared to kill Afghan people and is trying to reach its goals.

They voiced concerns over security situation, urging the National Unity Government (NUG) to take serious measures for providing better security.

“Although, we praise our security forces performances and sacrifices but we call on Jihadi figures and politicians to prevent any threats organize against Afghanistan,” Sanator Nadir Baloch said.

Senator Farida Kochi said, “Pakistan plots must be prevented otherwise Afghanistan would wintness what Iraq has experienced.”

Previously, President Ghani has accused Pakistan of sending “messages of war” and harbouring bomb-making camps, after a wave of devastating situation in Kabul.

Many Afghan people say that the main organizers of terrorist attacks and terrorist centers still exist in Pakistan and Pakistan itself is one of the main supporter terrorists.


Reported by Rafi Siqidi






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