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Senate House Reacts Furiously over Zia Masoud’s Dismissal

(Last Updated On: April 18, 2017 10:00 pm)

SenaA number of upper house members say, dismissal of Zia Masoud is due to the intense inter-governmental rivalries. The senators stress it was an act to defame Zia Massoud.

“Ahmad Zia Masoud was one of the president’s teammate. But we all know, he has been sacked due to internal rivalries.” AlamEzidyar, vice chairman for upper house said.

“There is a severe political tensions going on between presidential palace and Afghan chief executive office and they publically hire and fire people based on their ethnicity.” ZalmaiZabuli, a senator informed.

While presidential palace decree over ZaiMasoud sacking deems final decision, some senators insist on more clarification from government.

“What level of authority has been granted to Masoud that he couldn’t perform the designated duties? We ask the government to clarify the issue.” FiasalSameeh, a member of the upper house questioned.

The decision of the presidential palace announced in a time, when Zia Masoud, once a government’s close ally, has steadily become to a harsh critic of the government.

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