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Senate Blames U.S. for Ongoing War in Afghanistan

(Last Updated On: June 26, 2018)

A number of Senators in the Upper House of Parliament said the main cause of the war in Afghanistan is the United States, and the country has never been honest enough to destroy terrorist groups.

Officials from the Ministries of Defense, Interior Affairs and the National Directorate of Security (NDS) were summoned for accountability because of the increasing insecurity and how the security treaty with the United States goes on.

Senators lashed out at the growing insecurity and the USA’s disregard for the current situation in Afghanistan and say that the country does not have honest cooperation with Afghanistan.

“There are Taliban hide-outs in Pakistan and the USA knows about it. Why the USA doesn’t do anything about it is dubious, why do we fall victims to this war?” Senator Mohammad Faqiri said.

“The USA has to be the first to start peace talks, the government or the Taliban are not independent enough to go with the peace talks.” Senator Nader Baloch stated.

On the other hand, chairman of the Senate Security and Defense Commission, Muhammad Hashem al-Kozai said, “Most provinces face the grave danger of collapsing to the militants, the security treaty with the USA has not done anything to improve the security.”

Meanwhile, chairman of the Senate, Fazl Hadi Muslimyar accused the United States and NATO of being inattentive to the current situation of Afghanistan.

“The presence of Resolute Support and security treaty with the USA makes little sense when our security forces are being killed in large numbers. The commitments do only exist on papers, and the presence of international community seems unimportant when the terrorists’ groups are highly active,” Mr. Muslimyar said.

However, the Minister of Defense, on the grounds of sensitive security issues, called for a secret session with the senators, so the reporters left the session. Nonetheless, after the session, the senators said there was nothing sensitive enough to go without media coverage.

Reporter: Rafay Sidiqi 

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