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Selective committee begins its activities: Murtazavi

(Last Updated On: April 6, 2016)


Presidential palace has reported that soon the reformation sessions on Election will be held, saying it indicates that Afghanistan Government is committed to reform the Election system in the country.

Meanwhile ACEN and some other civil society institutions have declared the following committee as the Government duplicate.

President Deputy Spokesman ShahHussien Murtazavi said,” the selective committee has begun its activities on 5th of April and soon it will hold the initial official session on bringing reformation on Election system, Afghan Government is committed to do Election reformation.”

Meanwhile the supervisors and members of the previous reformation committee have believed that the following committee can’t do reformation on Election system.

Former member of the previous reformation committee Sediqullah Tauhidi said,” Nothing can be done by the following committee, because there are some Governmental figures have been introduced as the members, civil society and media have poor role within the committee.”

A question remains and hopes are underway to see what the newly selective committee does for reformation on Election system in Afghanistan.

Reported by FarahNazForotan

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