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Segrt magnifying players, looking for new faces

(Last Updated On: November 20, 2015)


Peter Segrt, new coach for Afghanistan National Football Team began his work to select new talented players.

While five weeks remain to the South Asian Football Championship, Kabul football players are under magnifying glass of the new coach.

“The players were good in the workouts that we had but they still have physical and tactical problems,” Peter Segrt, Afghanistan football coach said.

Segrt noted that the training will continue until the physical stamina of players improve and they will be able to efficiently use the needed tactics in the matches.

The players of national football team have also said that they have seen positive changes with the presence of the new coach.

Petar Segrt has recently replaced Slaven Skeledzicas the Afghanistan National Football Team’s coach.

Afghanistan national football team, for the first time, experienced its presence in the largest and the most sensitive world and Asia country-based football competitions in 2015 that these competitions were kicked off in the ancient continent of Asia.


Reported by Murteza Danish


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