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Security will be ensured if Spies Away: Upper House

(Last Updated On: December 14, 2014)

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A number of the Senators in upper house of the parliament have urged that spies being controlled by the neighboring countries should be cleared from Afghanistan otherwise security will not be possible to be ensured in the country.

Senators have indicated that spies should be cleared from military and none military sections of Afghanistan, because they are working for neighboring countries spies departments and are involved closely with intensifying of the terrorist attacks in Afghanistan.

They have criticized the Government for not establishing the new cabinet otherwise we will not experience such bloody terrorist attacks across Afghanistan.

Senators have asked the Afghan security departments to begin identifying the spies and adopt serious programs to help and stable the peace and security process.

Hedayatullah Rahie the senator has stated that there are some key figures working in Afghanistan different military and none military departments as well as working or neighboring countries spy departments.

The other member of the upper house Ali Ahmad Jamshidi also talked over the issue saying that there are some Afghan key workers who are spying for neighboring countries and are involved in close relation with launching terrorist attacks across the country the examples would be Istiqlall High school and the attack which was going take the life of Kabul police chief Gen Zahir.

Head of the upper house FazilHadi Muslimyar has expressed his deep concerns over the recent terrorist attacks intensified by Taliban across the country,demanding the Government and security department to adopt serious and significant measurements to stop such attacks.

The following house has also asked the Defense Minister to change system of transportation for Afghan National Army ANA in order to save their life.

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