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Security Officials ‘Refused’ to Attend Parliament’s Summoning Session

(Last Updated On: September 10, 2018)

The Lower House of Parliament has summoned security officials for Monday’s session due to the recent insecurity and high level of casualties, but they refused to attend for accountability.

The head internal security commission of Parliament, Iqbal Safi said that the Ministers of Interior and Defense are external beads who do not have any commitment to address the challenges.

“They are trading on the bloods of Afghan people. They do not think over the interests of Afghanistan,” Safi said.

The representative of Kandahar, Muhammad Naeem Lalay Hamid Zai noted, “Masoum Stanikzai involves in the killing of  Afghan people. Stanikzai provides weapons to Taliban and collects opium from Helmand.”

Meanwhile, a number of parliamentarians called for impeachment and unconditional discretion of security officials.

“Refusing to attend the parliament is the most flagrant disgrace to the house of nation and the people of Afghanistan,” Ghulam Hussain Naseri, representative of Maidan Wardak added.

This comes as finally the Lower House provided a forum for the impeachment of security officials to gather 20% of the total signatures of the lawmakers.

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