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Security Officials Have No War Management Capabilities: MPs

(Last Updated On: May 9, 2018)

A number of Afghan parliament members on Wednesday slammed the government over failure to maintain security, saying the security officials are not capable of managing the ongoing war in the country.

The MPs claimed that circles within the government are involved in securities for their personal interest.

“The Intelligence agency chief is responsible of Daesh project [in Afghanistan], I am not claiming this without proof,” MP Mohammad Naeem Lalai Hamidzai said. “Those who are setting in ARG, I claim that they are involved in most of the insecurities.”

“Incompetency is there within the Defense Ministry. They can’t manage the war and defend the country, even those who come under siege not being rescued,” said MP Iqbal Safi.

They meanwhile, said that a political consensus should be built to address ongoing security challenges in the country.

“The situation is worse and people are concerned. The country is under declared-war and there is a need for political consensus and national unity and these concerns should be ended,” said Abdul Rauf Ibrahimi, speaker of the parliament.

The MPs stressed that the ongoing war will not be ended unless the government and the international community take practical plans for eliminating terrorist networks in the country.

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