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Security Institutions React To Mohaqiq’s Recent Statement

(Last Updated On: July 01, 2018 6:06 pm)

The Defense and Interior Ministries on Sunday reacted toward the recent remarks of Mohammad Mohaqiq, Second Deputy to Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah.

Recently, Mohaqiq in an online statement has said that the government’s armed appositions are controlling 70 percent of Afghanistan’s territory and that the issue has challenged the possibility of having nationwide elections.

Rejecting Mohaqiq’s remarks, Mohammad Radmanish, the deputy spokesman of the defense ministry said that currently, 85 percent of the territory is under control of the government.

In the statement, the second deputy of chief executive, meanwhile, has said that the Taliban are aiming to destabilize Hazarajat regions, mainly Jaghori district of Ghazni province.

In response, the Interior Ministry spokesman Najib Danish said: “It has been the enemy’s plan to destabilize those areas. These regions should be cleared.”

“We have plans not only for Jaghori but also for all other districts,” he said.

The political commentators believe some politicians are delivering such controversial comments to declare their stand against the government, following the upcoming parliamentary and presidential elections.  

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